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Lawn Mowing Service

New for this year I am pleased to be able to offer a lawn mowing service. This is by contract only and runs from the beginning of March to the end of October. Payment is by bank transfer only and is payable over 12 months.

Our lawn mower, pictured left, is a TORO lawnmower. This design does not collect the cuttings but mulches them. This is beneficial to your lawn as it puts the nutrients from the grass back into the soil, meaning less money spent on fertilisers etc. We also have the other necessary equipment to fulfill our contracts, strimmers and assorted lawnmowers.

For a free quotation for this service please don't hesitate to contact me on.

Home: 02 96 83 02 15

Mobile: 06 26 21 11 45

or by email: [email protected]

For the lawn mowing service we cover a 30km radius from Jugon les Lacs

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